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Floatable Pressure-Sensitive Label from CCL endorsed by EPBP and APR

  • Publicado el 26 de Julio de 2022

CCL Label, the world’s largest converter of pressure sensitive and extruded film materials for decorative, functional and information labels, has unveiled a new generation of their EcoStream® labels that support the recycling of PET bottles at a very high quality level. They are made from floating low-density polyolefin material that separates very easily from the heavier PET flakes in the sink/float process step at the sorter and recycler – which results in the yield of clean PET flakes that can be recycled back into new bottles, closing the loop.

Floatable Pressure-Sensitive Label from CCL endorsed by EPBP and APR

“The official endorsement by both - the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) in the United States underpins the performance of the label in the recycling process and the compatibility with existing recycling streams and technology”, says Reinhard Streit, Vice President and Managing Director Food&Beverage Europe at CCL.

The EcoStream® SP (Shear Performance) clear and opaque white pressure sensitive label is a further development of the existing EcoStream version, that has been successfully supplied to the international beverage market for many years. Freshly blown and immediately labelled ottles can induce folds or bubbles on regular labels. EcoStream® SP pressure sensitive labels are developed to keep perfect labelling through flexible properties in particular suitable on post-shrinking PET bottles. All other valuable properties of basic EcoStream® labels are maintained unchanged and allow perfect and clean separation without contamination or discoloration neither of the washing bath nor PET-flakes.

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